Pink Potato Episode 9 – Breast Health Travel Tips – Part 1

The Hypocrisy of the Pink Ribbon

Reporting from San Francisco on the new Canadian documentary, Pink Ribbons Inc. (It will be released in the US sometime in June, go to Google it to watch the movie clips)

This film discusses “PINKWASHERS”, defined as any company or organization that claims to care about breast cancer by promoting a pink ribbon product but at the same time produces, manufactures or sells products that are linked to the disease.

Unfortunately, most companies that align with the pink ribbon are “pinkwashers”, and why this epidemic continues. Susan Komen, Avon, Estee Lauder, Kentucky Fried Chicken are just a few. Educate yourself about whom you support and what is in the products you buy.

Skin Deep ( is a database you can check any cosmetic or body care product to see if there are toxins in it.

Breast Health in the News!

Susan G. Komen is receiving a lot of negative press regarding their decision to stop funding to Planned Parenthood (last year alone they gave approximately $680,000) to breast health programs, education, ultrasound & other services that Planned Parenthood provides. This has created such uproar that they have now reinstated the grant funding.

The timing of this with the Feb 3rd, 2012 release of the new Canadian documentary “Pink Ribbons Inc.” has really helped open the world’s eyes to see what the Pink ribbon really stands for, how the intension is NOT about health and how to create a world without breast cancer.

PREVENTION is the answer and that is what we are here for!

Easy to make breast health recipe!

Easy to make breast health recipe!

Quinoa: (referred to as a grain but is a seed)
Excellent meat replacement because it is a complete protein loaded with amino acids and is the highest plant based source of iron. Dandelion greens are excellent for purifying the blood and cleaning the liver and keeping the body’s pH in balance. Rainbow radish also detoxifies the blood and is excellent for the liver and stomach, two organs that are directly related to breast health in Chinese Medicine.

Breast health recipe:
1 cup Quinoa (2 cups water- boil then add quinoa, and keep on low until finished)
1/3 bunch Dandelion leaves
½ bunch of rainbow radish
½ bunch green onion

Chop veggies the way you like and mix together with the cooked quinoa. Add your favorite organic dressing or make ours: organic flaxseed oil with minced onion garlic & dill. We use “Bitchin Sauce” too, a local gluten free savory dip.

Pink-Potato Episode 4 – What to do when you find a breast lump (Part 2)….

What to do when you find a breast lump (Part 2)….

Breast thermography is an important way to get information on you breast health. It is a safe, no radiation procedure where infrared images are taken of the breast showing you the vascular heat patterns that could potentially be problematic.

Ultrasound is a radiation-free procedure that detects both the outer borders of the mass and gives you following information: if the mass is solid (more serious) or if it’s a fluid filled cyst (less serious).

Breast Health Tips

16 oz Water + Lemon.
You are the most dehydrated in the morning. When you drink water especially with lemon, not only are you hydrating your cells, you are also alkalizing you pH level making your body more resistant to infections and cancer.

Reduce alcohol, caffeine, and sugar and replace with herbal teas:
drinking caffeine increases your estrogen levels in women, and
sugar decreases the immune system and feeds cancer cells.

Jan 2012

Pink-Potato TV Episode #3 – Jan 10th 2012 – What to do if you find a breast lump!

Step 1) Do Nothing; shift your focus away from others and redirect back to yourself. Take a deep belly breath. Deep breathing moves the diaphragm, lymph fluid and energy in the entire body.

Step 2) Collect information and record (1-2 months)

Collect info about your lump such as the SIZE and QUALITY
Qualities include:
Freely moving- move finger over eyelid and notice the skin is easily moveable around the lump. These lumps are less problematic in nature.
Fixed – move finger over your nose; the skin is hard to move without moving the nose. These types of lumps are more problematic in nature.

Step 3) Increase your breast health!

* Start Essentially Pink’s breast health S.E.X.Y steps
* Drink 16 Oz water with Lemon first thing in the morning
* Cut out/reduce caffeine, sugar, alcohol
* Increase use of herbal teas such as dandelion, ginger, and peppermint
* Get Breast Thermography – If you live in the San Diego area, “My Pink Image” in Solana Beach & “Discovery” screening mobile service are both great options
* Take note if lump persists for longer than 2 months, has a fixed quality, feels hard, is noticeable all month long and gets bigger.

– Unexplained rash on the breast or arm pit area
– Puckering of the breast tissue
– Nipple discharge tinged with blood
– Nipple inversion
– Itchy and scaly skin around the nipple.