Pink-Potato Video Blog Episode #2 Jan 3rd, 2012

Essentially Pink = Breast Health & Cancer Prevention Organization that focuses on integrating diet, mind-body relaxation, Chinese medical principles. The Pink-Potato is our weekly (Tuesday at 2pm PST) video blog so we can teach you what we know.

Why Potato?
I was a chef for the Gerson Institute ( – a San Diego Vegetarian organic food cancer therapy that focuses on juicing and eating slow cooked vegetables including lots of potatoes!
Potato’s are a great meat substitute and combine well with all vegetables – starchy and non-starchy. However meat/protein with potato’s (and other starchy carbohydrates-beans, cereals, lentils) is a poor combination. So, instead of the classic meat & potato’s dish that is not optimal for digestion, try a great breast health recipe: take a baked potato with chopped green onion & broccoli, after cooling add organic flax oil with minced garlic and dill.

Pink-Potato Video Blog #1! Dec 27th 2011