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Think Essentially PINK - Because breast health is S.E.X.Y.


October is breast cancer month, a time when survivors of the disease come together and bring attention to numbers: over 180,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, and over 40,000 die from the disease. The American Cancer Society has projected for 2008 statistics for women a 1 in 8 life time probability of developing breast cancer. Many people around the globe wear a pink ribbon in observance of breast cancer month. It is a very powerful, individual as well as collective health campaign. It symbolizes compassion and commonality and lets individuals who are affected by breast cancer know that people do care.

Breast cancer month has become a household term thanks to the retail, media, non-profit, education and medical sectors that bring the subject of breast cancer to the foreground. Women no longer have to hide the disease, the treatment, side effects, and/or masectomy. Breast cancer month greatly aids both the medical community and the victims of the disease. With as much focus put on finding a cure - huge cycling fundraisers take place around this time of the year in several countries - the pharmaceutically driven school of Western Medicine has dropped the buck exactly and almost exclusively into dealing with the disease when it strikes. Comparatively, little awareness work has been done and little money has been spent on reductiong diagnosis and death rayes in the first place. Today, prevention is the buzz word when it comes to health and lifestyle. Long preached, but poorly marketed, prevention is still in line for that important breakthrough.

This year we are bringing special attention to a San Diego based organization that is founded on the principle of prevention as practiced in Eastern Medicine: Essentially Pink, a project that educates about breast health and self awareness via music, arts, and entertainment. "Our mission is to infuse Chinese Medicine (Acupucture and Chinese Herbs) into fashion, music, art, film, and by marrying the 'S.E.X.Y.' and 'HEALTHY' industries creating sexy health culture!' Behind Essentially Pink is Lara Koljonen, a Licensed Acupunturist with a private practice in Hillcrest. She founded Essentially Pink while completing a Master's degree at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego.

Taken from the Article in the Lavender Lens Issue 103 published September 2008


Essentially PINK - we focus on health not disease


Her message is, "Breast cancer is way too popular. Science has proven that what you focus manifests, it's called law of attraction. Currently the U.S. focus is more on raising money to find a cure for cancer and researching better stronger drugs to fight the disease when it strikes. Essentially Pink is here to shift the paradigm and focus from a fear based based 'finding cancer' approach to a love based approach that includes loving your body and breast health". While her strong desire to promote breast health and provide pro-active ways to prevent disease, she worked as an educator and counselor for the "Best for Baby Project" and "Healthy Youth and Parent Program" at the San Diego State Foundation. Observing the huge need for educators that not only promote health awareness but provide pro-active solutions, Lara started the Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine program at PCOM in 2003 and helped her friend and colleague Deb Davies with the integrative the Integrative Medical Discussion Group monthly meetings at PCOM designed to build the relations in the Integrative Medical Community. Lara specializes in the emotional connection to disease, women's health and facial rejuvenation, and is committed to making our community a healthier place. "Breast health is important for every human being and especially (African American) lesbians, being that they are at the highest risk for the disease. Essentially Pink promotes breast health everywhere we get a chance," says Koljonen.