About Breast Health


Breast health is movement. Moving your lymph tissue, moving your bodies energy and blood flow. With stress and negative thinking we create energy stagnation and block lymph, energy and blood flow. It is also all about keeping the energy and blood moving in the lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system is different than the circulatory system, it does not have a heart to pump it so it only moves when you move it, ex: exercise and breast health tecquniques such as the Tulip Tap (The tulip refers to the acupressure point pattern around the breast to increase health by increasing movement.) and Self breast massage (Self breast massage moves the lymph in the breast and the tulip tap moves the lymph around the breast).

"This culture uses mammograms as a fix, in the mistaken belief that this test can create breast health. But the breast health (& heart) health comes from living a life in which giving and recieving are equally balanced and in which you eat well & move your body joyfully, vigorusly and regularly,"
Christiane Northrup


Self breast massage

The 4 step lymph massage we promote is taken from the” breast health project.org”

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Step 1 - Pump Up
Step 2 - Pull Over
Step 3 - Brush Up
Step 4 - Pull In

The Tulip Tap


Move Your Energy - Tap Your Tulips!

The Tulip Tap is an acupressure exercise that moves the energy and lymphatic flow in the Acupuncture channels around the breast. There are several acupressure points located around and thru the breast. The Tulip Tap focuses on first stimulating 6 of these points around the breast ( like drawing dots) and then connecting these dots by tapping your fingertips inbetween the dots making the shape of a tulip flower. You can then extend the tapping down the abdomen to the 2nd toe and back up to the abdomen (stomach channel) then branching off to the side of abdomen (liver channel) and finishing up around the breast.

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Send love into your body.

promotes health, ease & expansive breathing
promotes sickness, dis-ease & constricting breathing